TONIGHTS DINNER!!! hello flavor town!

I love this website, The Pioneer Woman has so many options and appeals to everyone, and if you are like me you have to substitute certain ingredients because in my family we don’t do cows milk, but we do coconut milk and that will work for this pasta with tomato cream sauce. Can’t wait!

I also am going to put all nautural Jimmy Dean pork sausage in mine, cause the truth is we like MEAT! Bring on the protein, bring on the flavor, and bring on the happy belly!  Looking forward to another night happily making culinary creations in my kitchen tonight. Hopefully Robert is going to want to help. He tends to think he is the chef in our home and as he grows I hope to be able to share my skills and inspiration with him and Laney, my little helpers.

I promise to post a picture later🙂 till then stay warm and if you feel inspired don’t hesitate to comment and share it with me, I love hearing about others food blogs and what you enjoy creating in your kitchen.

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