3x citrus rum marmalade

Triple citrus rum marmalade is always a good and fun preserve to make, and honestly the opportunity is always there when spring arrives.  Not only are there terrific sales on citrus, but there is ample options. I call this marmalade triple citrus rum, because it is necessary for me as the creator to be open to the fact that in the area I live in I cannot depend on just assuming that the citrus I used the first time I made this would be available and within my price range. So I designed it so that this recipe was versatile enough to do whatever citrus I can find, and when you put rum + sugar + citrus= endless boundaries of flavor bursting in your mouth and tempting your palate for more!!

This time I went to Trader Joes, found awesome sweet lemons, tangerines, and huge delicious red grapefruit, all ready to be bathed in rum, sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg, and lovely ginger!! can you tell I am so excited about my jams and marmalades.

day one to whatever day I can tell that the fruit and liquor have married enough then I add the sugar or agave (which ever I feel like for the time I am making it), then come the day before I make the marmmy marm marm, lol, jk. the day before then I take my stock pot full of my liquored up citrus and set it out in my kitchen, covered and then add a boquet of spices to it, then let it sit out at room temperature for 24 hours before cooking it on my stove.

The day of cooking, I add about 8 1/2 cups of water, bring it to a boil, for about 1 1/2 hours on high heat. then I slow cook on medium heat for about 8 hours. Long process yes, but till the fruit and escentially the the liquid and sugar condense to what we know as edible preserve you cannot rush the process becasue then you won’t be making marmalade, you would make whatever preserve turned up, and without cooking it slowly and long amount of hours it would not turn into anything but soup.

This particular marmalade is awesome for a dinner such as the following:

rice -brown or white

veggies-my particular favorite to compliment the marm is honestly carrots, mushrooms, snap peas.

I love this with chicken, slather the marm all over  the chicken before marinating it and baking it.

you can use ham, and I have done it on fish, and it is good. I would not recommend cod to marinade with this particular marmalade. 

Aside from  marinading meat, I also love to pair this marmalade with a spinach salad and tuna, or even take some tuna, celery,peas, walnuts, or a nut of your choice and mix well, you can dip with crackers, or you can also load a celery stick, fill a tortilla wrap.

Because the marmalade is made with Ginger it is very versatile for cooking, baking, layered in between two layers of cake, or angel food, in the middle of a shortbread sandwich, baked into your favorite bundt cake, or if you want you can even add it along with any puff pastry, on top of cheesecake, pair it with peppers, or adding it into your protein shake. I love it with my protein powder+rice milk+add a little OJ=BLEND WELL!Image

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