blog rolling is usually my Sunday thing

While the kids are sleeping and my husband is making coffee I typically blog roll on Sunday Mornings, but I have not blog rolled in a week. No biggie, but I could not wait till tomorrow. So Blog rolling day is today! Nothing wrong with switching up from the norm in life.

I have been reading Joy the Bakers Cook book and I am an avid believer in utilizing our resources such as the Library, and as much as I would love to buy her book I borrowed it from the Library, I was thrilled they had it, it was on hold after waiting for about a month to be the lucky borrower to get to read it, and it finally became available. I think I read it in the the first 2 hours I had it! Great book. I also read Joys blog. I love her blog, so refreshing, interesting, delightful, full of wonderful ways to make amazing food even more amazing!, and if you are interested I recommend using Amazon to order her book

Another favorite blog of mine is A Sweet Spoonful,, if she ever wrote a book I would be all over it! I frequently follow her blog a little more often than I probably should, but I love it!

Dorie Greenspan is always a good read, her blog has everything!!!

Among my blog rolling, I usually try to find an encouraging blog ab0ut crocheting, because, well I am still learning.

I enjoy this blog, she crochets among other things, but I like her and how she writes about anything., Erin Harris, she is awesome, inspires me to keep being creative and believing in growing my interests in sewing, my longing to someday quilt, and my ability to crochet, as well as someday I hope to buy myself a decent sewing machine. She does it all!  I also love her sense of humor.

Okay, now about my life…..

Life has not been boring lately. When you least expect it life is so out of the blue in your face hard.  I am kind of tired lately, but been working myself harder, I am learning more and more all the time about pushing my physical limits. My children are 100% with me all the time which has made my life so much more filled with Joy, I almost feel complete and content, its so calming. Life is flowing more naturally, with a few unexpected bumps, none the less life is good and I always know how blessed I am by God, his love for me is neverending and always constant. I have had the privi to be able to be a chosen one in lifes happenstance to never take anything for granted, one toooooo many reminders for a long time now that life is precious and not to think about what I don’t have but to relish in the joy that I am blessed with so much and why ask for more!?! No point. I recognize.  Now it seems I am on this path which from reading a lot of other books recently I have kind of come across that others in their 30’s have gone through this kind of realization to, the realization that something is speaking to me telling me to build on my strengths and let go and let God. It seems so easy lately, to LET GO AND LET GOD, I don’t know why, but I am not gonna question it either.  Aside from recongizing my talents I also have a passion and have my entire life since I was about 10 for exercise and working hard at it, only thing I realize now is for some reason since 3 years ago my joints and the rest of my body hurt all the darn time after I work out super hard. My entire family has changed eating habits years ago, and now after having 2 children I am working even harder all the time to put my money where my mouth is, I am not someone who doesn’t do what I say I am gonna do I actually do it. Though I am learning a lot, and I mean a lot about nutrition and pushing myself everyday physically to achieve my ideal weight, since three months ago I have gone down 30 lbs, since having my daughter I have lost a total of 55lbs. Everyday is another adventure to do whatever it takes to build my strength and achieve burning calories. I came upon a blog that I found from pinterest and more than anything it is so motivating and inspiring and Jen lives her life the way I do, but she has been honest about gradually achieving her fitness/strengthening goals, along with food to, and like me her husband supports her and does it along with her. She is so amazing!!!! Check her out and follow her blog to, she will keep you pushing for giving 100% everyday, and her faith in God and Life is unbelievable🙂, she is also on facebook, friend her and you will not be anything but happy you did!

Okay, I know long post. I have berries in the freezer, and thanks to my soon to be sister in law Celeste I have beautiful jars to fill with my own creativity!  Hoping to make some Raspberry Jam soon, till then jam on everyone!

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